Life is a Photo Opportunity!

About Steven Green

“Share history before you become a part of it.”


I’m Steve Green, and through everything I have been or done in my life, photography has been an integral part of the journey. I caught the photography bug early in life, picking up my Dad’s 35mm Yashica in junior high in the late seventies.  Dad never got that camera back, and I have been shooting ever since!  I have moved on to digital these days and usually with camera in hand, I have traveled the world as a soldier and through other careers, capturing the experiences that have made me who I am today. From East Berlin to the White House, and from the Rio Grande in southwest Texas to the snowy peaks of the Hindu Kush in Northern Afghanistan, my camera has always been nearby.

It is one thing to witness history, and another thing entirely to take the opportunity to share that experience before you become a part of it.

There have been a few awards along the way, a couple of books, gallery showings (notably at the Art Museum of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia), but mostly I just enjoy any situation that affords me the opportunity to capture those moments in life you witness that can never be repeated again, be it a beautiful sunrise, the activity of life, or the tragedy of human drama as it unfolds.  In photography, there are no bad moments. There has been a little danger along the way, but that is just part of the journey that makes life worthwhile!

I hope you enjoy and share my work.  They have been a lifetime in the making!

Steve Green

P.S. – Here’s to another 35 years!

Steven Green McGregor Range
Perched on a shelter in the late 80’s preparing to photograph a large explosion of old ammunition as a young Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist in the United States Army.

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